Salami and cheese

Among the flavors of the most famous area, the salami and cheeses, which are easily replicated in the restaurants and local menus of the area, also for a frugal meal of good taste. The privileged production area is Valnerina ternana. The processing of pork has in this part of Umbria ancient roots, which derive from the activity carried out by the great norcini masters of Norcia and spread their knowledge in the rest of Italy. Diffusion is also the processing of wild boar meat, whose presence abounds in the forests of the whole region. Prosciutto di Norcia, ciauscolo,¬†salami di cinghiale tartufato, porchetta and corallina, tastes that you can’t miss.

Pecorino and Honey. It’s easy to find the gourmet delicacies of the locals in the coupled cheese and miles. A winning match throughout the area, where they insist on tiny quality dairy produce, especially sheep’s cheese, and aesthetics that allow the production of varieties of special honey with many essences, from chestnut to acacia, from the Umbrian forest to the millefiori.



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