Perugia is one of the most beautiful Etruscan cities in Italy. Its warm-colored stones, its majestic palaces and the ever-increasing shadows fascinate poets and painters of every century. The historic center lies on a hill and other hills, visible in many parts of the city streets, surround it. The ancient heart of Perugia has a variety of forms, volumes and colors: bricks, travertines, marbles, columns, arches, gates, walls that trace its long history and that of the peoples and civilizations that inhabited it: Etruscans, Romans, the Pontifical State.


The pink stone town on the slopes of Mount Subasio is the home of Umbrian spirituality. The story of his great saints, Francesco and Chiara, is joined to the work of the most famous painters of the Middle Ages. It is possible to start a visit from the upper part of the city, so that you have an easy downhill path.


Spello, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, combines its medieval character with winding alleys and ancient stone houses, numerous testimonies of Roman times, such as the walls, the remains of the theater, the amphitheater and the spas. Getting into this hamlet is like diving in the past surrounded by enormous beauty. The town is still surrounded by walls, erected in 1360 incorporating part of the Roman wall and three splendid gates.

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