Rich in Roman archaeological evidence, Gubbio managed to preserve its medieval appearance. Of great impact is the beauty of the panoramic square, Piazza Grande, where the Consoli Palace, the Civic Museum is located. Important are the Roman testimonies like the Roman Theater. The Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo, which houses the famous Ceri di Gubbio, is located almost in the top of Mount Ingino, and can be reached on foot with a panoramic but steep promenade or with a more comfortable chair lift.


Among the traditional events of the city of Gubbio, it is worth remembering the characteristic ‘corsa dei ceri’, which takes place on May 15th of each year, on the eve of the feast of st.Ubaldo, patron of the city. The waxes, also a symbol of the Umbria region, are three wooden structures, formed by two octagonal prisms, superimposed and reinforced by an inner frame also made of wood and crossed by an axis.


Monte Cucco Park, rich in natural beauty and history, is worth a visit for one or more days. The most impressive summit of the mountainous complex can be reached by car or through one of the hiking routes. There are so many activities to do as speleology, canyoning and paragliding.

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